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How To Properly Wash Your Eyelash Extensions

Are you washing your eyelash extensions daily?     We can not stress enough how important is it to wash your eyelash extensions! There is so much dirt and debris that could be getting trapped in your eyelashes. Not washing them causes that to build up and causes your eyelashes to fall out faster. It […]

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Eyelash Tinting Alongside Eyelash Extensions

Do you have blonde or light colored eyelashes and  think they may show through your eyelash extensions? Here is ONE thing you can do to prevent that:     When applying eyelash extensions it is very important to coat the natural eyelash completely in the glue. The glue is a black color, therefore covering up […]

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How to Wear Mascara with Eyelash Extensions

Should you wear mascara with lash extensions? Our lash experts are here to help Here is what we recommend!   Eyelash Extensions are a black, curled extension applied to your natural lashes. The blackness and curl mimic the look of mascara without actually having to apply it. It is recommended to not wear mascara with […]

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The Soon to be Bride’s Guide to Eyelash Extensions

Welcome Brides! Would you like your lashes looking long and full for your big day and all of the occasions leading up to it? Here is our guide to eyelash extensions for you!   When first getting your beautiful lashes we recommend to start off with a more natural look while getting used to them. […]

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