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Nail Art by Hannah

Enjoy a beautiful set of manicured nails, with the nail art of your choice to showcase those gorgeous nails. Hannah can be booked directly through her Instagram account, linked here.

Nails by Hannah

Contact Hannah via Direct Message here to Reserve your Nail appointment.

$50 Structured Gel Mani (Single color, includes 2 glitter nails)
$55 Structured Gel Mani (Nail art one finger per hand, includes 2 glitter nails)
$60 Structured Gel Mani (Nail art 2 per hand, includes glitter)
$65 Structured Gel Mani (Nail art 3 per hand, includes glitter)

View more Mani Moments on  Instagram @nailsinspired.byhannah

New! YOUR Wellness Hour: Stretch, Massage & Reflexology session💆


Our unique spin on the ultimate HOUR of WELLNESS for you.

Experience Relaxation and wellness with this triple combo of Stretch Therapy (15 min), Massage (15 min) and Reflexology (15 min). The additional five minutes will be a combination of a thorough consultation with your LMT to address your needs or extend one of the three services above.