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A Comfortable Lash Room For Your Clients

When performing eyelash extensions on a client it is very important to have a comfortable lashing space.

Lashes can take anywhere from an hour to two hours so laying there on your back can get quite uncomfortable.

Here are some must haves for a comfortable lash room!

  1. A Comfortable Lash Bed
    • This is key for a client to be comfortable. We love using massage tables as a lash beds for a few reasons. One, they come with a bolster to go under the clients knees for lower back support and two, they can be inclined in case a client can not lay completely flat (most common in pregnant clients).
  2. A Lash Pillow
    • Any type of pillow works for lashing. As long as the client is comfortable and you can still reach the clients eyes comfortably. This helps release any neck pressure for your client.
  3. Blankets
    • We always offer our clients a blanket. As mentioned above, lashes can take up to two hours to complete so it is nice to make sure they do not get cold.
  4. Bed Warmer
    • A bed warmer is also a great way for your client to avoid getting cold. Be sure to ask your client if the temperature is okay before getting started to avoid them getting too hot.
  5. Great Lighting
    • We love our Glamcor Professional light. It is great because it has five different settings of brightness and can be adjusted to fit each client. Some clients eyes can be more sensitive than others, so we love having the option of dimming it.


Do any lash artists have any other necessities for making a comfortable lash room? Leave them below! We always love hearing others must haves!

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