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“Baby, it’s cold outside!” Glowy Skin through the Winter

During these days of boots, scarves, and coats, the one thing you can’t bundle up is your face. Your skin can rapidly lose moisture with that cold, dry air, making your daily skin care routine that much more important. Many people complain of dry skin during this cold season, so here are a few suggestions on how to maintain glowy, healthy skin:

 A monthly facial is one of the most important if rejuvenated skin with a perfect glow is one of your goals! Your Esthetician will examine your skin and choose products which will help you achieve your goal. Products offered at Organic Tan FACE AND BODY will help create a daily skin care routine just for you.

Products we recommend for those chilly days!

  1. Use our Phyto-active conditioning serum for those with dry skin year-round. This deeply nourishes your skin while targeting fine lines and wrinkles. Apply as your first product during your skin product layering steps.
  2. Our Daily Hydration serum is best if your dry skin is only during the winter. High levels of water-binding humectants will hydrate your thirsty skin. Last, but definitely not least, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! LOTS of water is your skin’s winter BFF!
  3. Our gentle enzyme exfoliant is perfect to use right after cleansing your face, it uses a blend of enzymes and fruit acids to smooth and renew without any irritation(One of our favorites).
  4. We highly recommend adding a mask into your skin care routine, a great one to use during the winter is our Restorative mask. It is the perfect mask for clients with year-round dry skin. It uses antioxidant-rich ingredients to deeply nourish the skin and restore skin strength and elasticity. 
  5. Adding some geranium oil to your oil diffuser is a great way to hydrate the skin. Geranium oil is known as a  moisturizing emollient that’s well equipped to handle dry skin. Using all of these skin care tips and products will ensure that perfect glowy skin all winter long! 
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Make sure you’re skin is hydrated and glowy all winter long by seeing your Esthetician at Organic Tan FACE AND BODY!  

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