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Benefits of Having Regular Facials

Facials are not only extremely relaxing but have many benefits.

Deep cleaning will reduce the amount of oil and toxins to help prevent and treat breakouts and blackheads.

Exfoliation removes dead skin and allow us to work deeper into the skin and for better penetration.

Circulation of blood under the skin promotes cell renewal to reveal the new fresh skin.

Skin check: Your Esthetician can view your skin in between those dermatology appointments and inform you if anything looks out of the ordinary.

HYDRATE everything. Get plumped up with a hydrating mask and keep your skin looking fresh and glowy.

Masks, peels, and serums are used to clear and even your complexion.

Our facials are completely customized to help achieve your optimal results (aging, acne, sensitive, hyperpigmentation,  etc.)

With monthly facials and the correct professional products we can help you reach and maintain your goals!

Facial  Membership
Did you know we offer monthly facial memberships? We curate specialty facials each month, allowing you to experience and be educated on the skin care industry.

Enjoy other benefits, including invites to exclusive events and 10% off other services and products.

Minimum of 3 months required.

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