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Braid Bar

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>No heat is used. Please come with hair washed & ready

>All reserved appointments require a valid credit card & 24 hour cancellation notice

Braid Bar $38 [pics below]

Braid Lesson $50

Learn to BRAID yourself!
Braids to choose from: Regular, French Braid, Dutch Braid, Fishtail (regular or french) Waterfall braid, four strand braid.
Cost of Class $50 for a one hour session $60 for an hour and 20 minutes
Deposit : $10
There are two level classes Level 1 and Level 2Description for Level 1

Learn the basics of braiding. A simple, fun, one on one braiding class with our lead braid artist that teaches you the fundamentals of braiding. This class will go over: Basic Braiding, French Braiding and Dutch Braiding. ( Each person learns at a different pace and may need two Level 1 Sessions)

Description for Level 2

Master the art of braiding, a more challenging, creative one on one session with our lead braid artist. This class will go over more advanced braiding techniques. Session braids will include: Fishtail, the Four strand braid and the waterfall braid and other methods of combining braids to create a unique braided hairstyle. *Must be able to french braid and dutch braid for this lesson*

(Each person learns at a different pace which will depend on how many braids you learn in one class).

What’s included : A mannequin head to braid on, combs, hair ties, bobby pins, step by step hand outs to practice at home.

What’s not included: Hair accessories

$17 braids group 1

$17 braids group 2

$25 braids group 1

$25 braids group 2