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Lash Extensions in the Winter

Have you noticed a difference in your lash extensions recently with the weather change? Weather changes (as you may know from previous posts) can affect lashes in multiple ways. Today, we have a quick tip to help with winter lashes! Winter can have a few affects on lash extensions and it is not necessarily a […]

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Lash Shedding- Fall Weather

With the colder weather sneaking in, we may all experience some changes in our lash extension retention. Let us explain: When weather is changing, especially becoming more cold, your hair (on all parts of your body) is starting to shed a little more than normal. This is a completely normal change, so don’t be alarmed […]

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Shaping Your Clients Eyes With Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions are not a “one size fits all” type of service. Each client you encounter will have completely different eye shapes and how you apply the extensions can enhance that shape or completely change it. Here are tips to applying lashes on different eye shapes! There are a number of different natural shapes to […]

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A Comfortable Lash Room For Your Clients

When performing eyelash extensions on a client it is very important to have a comfortable lashing space. Lashes can take anywhere from an hour to two hours so laying there on your back can get quite uncomfortable. Here are some must haves for a comfortable lash room! A Comfortable Lash Bed This is key for […]

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Working Out With Your Lash Extensions

We know everyone loves their eyelash extensions and getting used to having them in your daily routine can take a little bit of adjusting.  Here is what we recommend for working out with your eyelash extensions.   As you know, if you currently have eyelash extensions, you can not get your lash extensions wet for […]

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Lash Palette Setup

Quick Tip! Hello! This lash tip is more for our lash artists that follow along, but cool for clients to know as well! Today, we are showing how we set up our lash palette to begin any lash service. This is the way we have found to be more beneficial and less time consuming during […]

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Staying On Track With Your Fill Ins

Here at the spa it is very important for our lash clients to stay on a lash fill in routine. Without staying on track you could be finding yourself paying for a full set a lot more often than you would like. Here are our policies for lash extensions! After getting a fresh full set […]

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