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Staying On Track With Your Fill Ins

Here at the spa it is very important for our lash clients to stay on a lash fill in routine. Without staying on track you could be finding yourself paying for a full set a lot more often than you would like. Here are our policies for lash extensions! After getting a fresh full set […]

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Removing Makeup With Eyelash Extensions

One of our most asked questions when clients get lash extensions is how to remove makeup with eyelash extensions. We have found that this way makes it so easy and does not harm the extensions! Keep reading to find out our recommendations!     First things first: NEVER apply an oil based product around the […]

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A Further Look Into Our Lash Coaching

Curious to see behind the scenes of our lash coaching courses? Here are a few photos from our most recent courses! Lash Mapping helps you learn where to place each lash to create a shape for the extensions As you can see, our lash coaching courses are very hands on. You have a one-on-one course […]

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Preparing Your Client For Eyelash Extensions

The most important part of performing lash extensions is the prep work! Prepping the client properly will ensure an easy application process.   When starting your lashing process be sure to do a  full consultation to get a feel of what style, length and thickness your client desires. To begin prepping, you first want to […]

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Increasing Your Lash Speed

Have you been struggling with your full sets of extensions taking too long? Here are our tips for speeding up your lash sets! Full sets of lashes usually take around 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on how experienced the lash artist is. With that being said, there are a few ways to increase your […]

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Getting Facials With Eyelash Extensions

Getting a facial with eyelash extensions can be tricky if you do not know what to expect. Here are a few things to keep in mind when scheduling yours! After getting eyelash extensions, there are a few things to keep in mind. HERE are all of our after care tips for your eyelash extensions! Make […]

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Makeup Recommended for Eyelash Extensions

Hello lash lovers! Our biggest question from clients who get eyelash extensions is “What type of makeup can i wear?” Well, we are here to help! Keep reading to find out a few of our favorites! EYESHADOW We recommend to use powder eyeshadows with eyelash extensions. Cream eyeshadow sticks tend to have oil in them […]

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Important Questions For Your Lash Waiver

Welcome Lash Artists! As most of you may know, it is very important for your new clients to fill out a waiver before their service. This waiver will let you know about any allergies, sensitivities, or medical problems they might have. Here are a couple of key questions to include in yours! How did you […]

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Premade Volume Fans Vs. Cluster Lashes

Today we are talking about the difference between premade volume fans and cluster lashes. These two types of lashes have major differences and are used for two completely different things. To start out, Cluster Lashes are not professional lashes. They can be purchased and applied by anyone! You do not need a specific training to […]

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