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Classic VS Volume Eyelash Extensions

Did you know lash extensions come in a variety of styles and lengths? How do you know which type to ask for and which would look best for your facial frame? A fresh set of eyelash extensions can make a major difference on your style, just like the perfect brow wax.

For stress free lash style decisions, here are the differences between the Classic Eyelash Extensions and the Volume Eyelash Extensions:


Classic: This is a process where one single eyelash extension is attached with a medical grade eyelash extension glue to each ONE of your individual eyelashes. This type of lashes are for clients that want a more natural look that desire to add a little length to their natural lashes. The classic lashes can only be applied to the lashes that you already have, therefore if you do not have a plethora  of natural lashes,you may not get the volume that you desire…that’s where our volume lashes come in!


Volume: This process is where multiple lightweight lashes are applied to one of your individual lashes. Depending on the thickness that you desire, we could apply anywhere from two lashes to four lashes to each of your individual lashes.  These lashes are also known as Russian Volume lashes. The lashes that we use in this method are a 0.07mm in diameter as compared to classic that are 0.15mm.


Volume lashes are a much more dramatic look for someone with a lot of natural lashes and a more full look for someone with sparse natural lashes. They are light and fluffy so they will not weigh your natural lashes down.


No matter what type of lashes you have we have something that will work for you.
If looking to perfect your lash application skills, head into our lash coaching services …available at the spa for licensed professionals.

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