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Every Summer Has A Story!

Stepping up your braiding game is a new trend so we made it easier for you offering braid bar services conveniently located at the spa! There are  many different ways to switch up the look of your hair with braid variations, that anyone can achieve.

I remember sitting at the beach (beach hair don’t care) and the only way my hair was going to look presentable after taking a dip in the ocean, was incorporating a braid into my look! There super quick and easy and all you need is a rubber-band and Bobby pin! YouTube teaches you the best tutorials; OR  you can schedule your appointment with one of our braid babes and show you how it’s done. 

Take your shoes off and stay awhile our glo gal @girlaboutgreenville is showing us how it’s done! Can we just take a moment and soak in how beautiful her home is and that airbrush tan.
There’s nothing better then a front porch during sweet summertime, enjoying refreshments with friends, gathering around a comfy space for good conversations and laughs! We’re ready to come over now. What’s your favorite thing to do around the house during summer? I do love some fresh watermelon and grilling!

Show up to GLO up!! This is true for everything, but today we are specifically talking about our skincare routine. If you use the right recommended products for your skin type, and use every morning and night your skin will only thank you later in life but you will always keep that glowy radiant skin.

We know it’s very important to stick to routine, meaning cleansing and moisturizing AM & PM but if we incorporate serums and eye creams we are only advancing our at home skin treatments targeted to our skin concerns. I’m here to tell you that besides these 4 important steps (cleanse, serum, moisturize, eye cream) we all need an SPF with all seasons of life. No matter if it’s Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer there are UVB and UVA rays at all times! My personal favorite product is the Glo tinted moisturizer with an SPF of 30. Not only is your skin protected from anti-aging and burning rays, this amazing product has a little tint like a BB or CC cream so your skin doesn’t feel naked, leaving a slight color of a foundation look. It’s lightweight, moisturizing, and non greasy!

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