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Eyelash Cycles and Shedding

Eyelash cycles are different for every person. Are you ready to learn about yours?


Did you eyelash extensions come out sooner this time? Your eyelash cycle may be the reason:

Every hair on your body must shed in order to grow new hairs, including your eyelashes. A normal cycle for eyelash growth is 60-90 days. It will be different for every client depending on their daily routines, diet, etc.


Natural eyelashes are very thin and small . When your natural lashes fall out without extensions,  you do not notice it as often as you do when you have the extensions. However, having extensions is a different story. It will be more noticeable because the extension is much darker, longer and thicker than your natural lashes.

When your lashes are in the middle of their cycle, fall out is normal and expected. This means your lash extensions will fall our with your natural lash and you may notice a significant fall out difference. If the extensions are applied correctly (on one isolated lash), then your extension will grow and fall out with your natural lash.  Lash extensions do not hinder your natural shedding cycle if applied in the right way.

What to do? Your lash artist needs an actual lash to apply the extension to, so generally wait until your normal session again and your lashes will have had a chance to grow and new extensions can be applied.


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