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Eyelash Extension Glue

Welcome Lash Artists!

Today we are going to be talking about eyelash extension glue. In the picture below, you can see what glue we use here at the spa. This glue is a 1-2 second dry time (recommended for experienced lash artists). It can be used for classic or volume extensions. Glad lash also has 2-3 second and 5-6 second dry time glues recommended for newer lash artists. 


When applying lash extensions, it is very important to use the right amount of glue. You want to dip your classic lash into the glue at a 45 degree angle and saturate only the base in glue. In the picture below, you can see there is a little ball of glue at the bottom of the lash. This is how every classic lash should look after dipping it into your glue.

Did you know your lash extension glue expires?

-Depending on the brand of glue you are using, it can last anywhere from one month to three months.


*When you open a new glue bottle, write the date on the bottom to keep track of how long the glue has been open   for. You NEVER want to use an expired glue. It can be very dangerous for your clients eyes and can make the extensions not last as long.


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