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Eyelash Tinting Alongside Eyelash Extensions

Do you have blonde or light colored eyelashes and

 think they may show through your eyelash extensions?

Here is ONE thing you can do to prevent that:



When applying eyelash extensions it is very important to coat the natural eyelash completely in the glue. The glue is a black color, therefore covering up any blonde that could peek through.

If applying the eyelash extensions correctly there should always be a little space between the base of the lashes and the extension. That is where the tinting comes in!


Tinting is a semi-permanent color on your natural lashes to make them appear darker. It lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Tinting the lashes darker makes that little space between the base and extension less noticeable.


The only downside to getting your lashes tinted before your extensions are applied is that once the tint fades, you will have to remove the extensions to tint the lashes again.


It is a personal preference on if you think you need them tinted or not, but it is great for getting that dark set of eyelash extensions you are wanting!


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