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Full Set Vs. Fill In: Which Do You Need?

Has it been awhile since you have had your lashes either applied or filled in? Are you not sure if you need to schedule a full set or a fill in for your next lash appointment?

Here are some things to take into consideration when deciding! 

  • How long has it been since you had your last lash service?
    • If it has been longer than 3 weeks you will probably need a full set of lashes.
  • How many lashes do you have left on your eyes?
    • If there are less than 50% of your lashes gone from your previous service you will need to schedule a full set.
    • If there are more or around 50% of your lashes left then you will need a fill in (of course this decision is made by your technician).

A fill in is specifically designed to keep your lashes looking full throughout the time you have your lashes. When your lashes have new growth the extension will grow out with your natural lash. When that lash sheds, the extension does also. Therefore, we recommend fill ins every two weeks to lash that new growth coming in!


Still not sure if you need a full set or fill in? Contact the spa and we can help you decide. You can send pictures or stop in the spa to let us have a look!


Interested in learning the process of applying lash extensions? Head over to our website to see more information on our Lash Coaching Courses!



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