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How To Properly Wash Your Eyelash Extensions

Are you washing your eyelash extensions daily?



We can not stress enough how important is it to wash your eyelash extensions! There is so much dirt and debris that could be getting trapped in your eyelashes. Not washing them causes that to build up and causes your eyelashes to fall out faster. It can also cause infection, so let’s keep those lashes clean! Here’s how:


Step 1: Make sure it is at least 24 hours since you have had your lashes done. Pre-wetting lashes before 24 hours can cause the glue to not cure correctly and result in lash shedding.


Step 2: Use a fluffy eye makeup brush and spray your lash cleanser onto the makeup brush.

*If you do not have a lash cleanser you can make your own! Combine 1 part water and 1 part oil-free baby shampoo into a spray bottle. Use as “lash cleanser” for Step 2.


Step 3: Lightly rub eye makeup brush in circular motions over eyelashes to create suds.


Step 4: Rinse thoroughly.


Step 5: Wait until the lashes are completely dry and then brush gently.


There you have it! We hope you give this tip a try to help your lashes get squeaky clean!


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