Organic Tan Face and Body

Is Your Body Tired From This Weeks Work.

Wellness Hour is Here to Help

Each Wellness Hour includes the following therapies:

Stretch Therapy:

Assisted stretching to help alleviate muscle tightness, joint strain, and imbalances while enhancing your flexibility. Improve your range of motion and keep your muscles relaxed and healthy.

Foot Reflexology:

Promote better health and experience relaxation with the benefits of reflexology. Relieve pain, stress, anxiety and improve your sleep with reflexology. Your therapist will be applying gentle pressure on specific points along your feet, which aids in balancing out the energy in your body while increasing circulation.

Signature Massage:

Classic relaxation. Enjoy a Signature massage customized to meet your needs using essential oils. Relax & bring your body back to a healthy restful state.

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