Is Your Skin Dehydrated?




Skin dehydration is when your skin is in need of water. This means that your skin is trying to create more oil to combat the missing water. Your skin can be oily and dry at the same time because of this. This mask is key for dehydrated skin!

*This mask is a deeply hydrating mask with a very mild exfoliant. It helps to nourish, calm and fortify your skin.


The Calendula + Lycopene Mask has 4 main ingredients: Papaya Enzymes, Tomato Lycopene, Calming Calendula and Strengthening Helichrysum.
  • The Papaya Enzymes and Tomato Lycopene work together to penetrate into your skin where your skin needs it most. Bonus! It helps reduce fine lines that come from dehydrated skin.
  • The Calming Calendula and Strengthening Helichrysum come together to help protect and repair your skin from the harsh elements of the outside world.


This mask gives an all around brighter, healthier complexion!


See our live video on our Facebook page to view how to apply the mask & a cool mask tip!



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