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Lash Coaching in Greenville

Welcome aspired lash artists!
For those Estheticians and Cosmetologists looking to either start offering lash extension services or refine  existing skills, the spa is thrilled to offer lash coaching services to the Greenville area!

A few FAQ’s for you at a glance:
-How long has your lash coach been providing lash extensions?
Chandler has been a certified lash technician for two plus years.
-Will I be certified with this coaching session?
This course is strictly just a coaching session. No certification will be received.
-How long does the coaching session take?
The coaching session is a 3 hour session with 45 minutes in theory and 2 hours and 15 minutes in hands on practice. For our refresher courses it is a 2 hour time frame.
-How much is the coaching session?
We have different price points for each coaching session. Please see our “Lash cost” tab under the lash coaching tab on our website via here
-Will I need to provide my own model?
Yes, all people taking the coaching session will need to provide their own model.
-What license is required to sign up for the coaching session?
You must be a licensed Cosmetologist or licensed Esthetician to enroll in the course. Proof of licensing will be required.
Is proof of Insurance required?
Yes, proof of insurance covering you as an Esthetician and Cosmetologist is required.
-Will I need to provide my own kit or will one be provided for me?
We have two options to choose from. You may either bring your own kit or if desired, we can provide one at an additional cost (refer to pricing options). If you choose to bring your own, there is a list of what is required under the lash coaching costs tab on our website.
-Is the coaching a group class or one on one session?
The coaching is a one on one session.
-What is the cancellation policy?
If you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, the deposit you paid to hold your appointment will be refunded. If less than 24 hour notice, then we will keep the deposit you paid.
For further details and information, please visit the spa via www.organictansc.com.


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