Lash Coaching Services


Enhance your career through lash coaching services for the Licensed Professional

Available for coaching when practicing at locations 5 miles from 29607

Ready to schedule your Coaching Session? Contact the spa via 864-404-5170 or reserve on-line via our site under lash coaching. Contact us with question also via

Coaching Session Includes

  • Theory-45 minutes
    • Curl of Lashes (J,B,C,D,L)
    • Dif. Lengths of lashes (7-15mm)
    • Thickness of lashes (.07-.30)
    • Shapes of the eye & how to customize lashes for each client
    • Safety & Sanitation
    • Tweezer differences
    • Dif. between volume & classic lashes
    • Dif. types of lash pads/tape..etc.
  • Product Knowledge
    • Knowing when to use each tool & each type of lashes
  • Demonstration -Client is responsible for bringing in own model
  • Hands on practice
    • Applying eye pads & tape
    • Cleansing and prepping the lashes for extensions
    • Glue set up & table set up
    • Isolation
    • Application of lash extensions
    • Separating at end of application
    • Applying sealant for glue curing faster & longer life on lashes
  • Showing of eye shaping techniques on model
  • Removal & fill ins (add a video on how to remove)
  • Aftercare

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