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Lash Extensions in the Winter

Have you noticed a difference in your lash extensions recently with the weather change?

Weather changes (as you may know from previous posts) can affect lashes in multiple ways. Today, we have a quick tip to help with winter lashes!

Winter can have a few affects on lash extensions and it is not necessarily a “lash shedding” issue. A lot of times, winter can cause your eyes to become more dry and irritated. When this happens, you are more likely to rub and mess with your lashes which can cause them to either fall off faster or turn in different directions.

*We recommend to use any type of eye drops to help hydrate the eyes to avoid over irritating the eyes and extensions.

TIP: Try to avoid very thick, gel like eye drops. The more liquified the drops are, the better!

As always, you want to make sure you are following your proper aftercare (see more on that HERE). Aftercare is the most important part of receiving eyelash extensions and helping them last and look as great as possible!

Are you a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist?

Have you been interested in learning how to do lash extensions? Visit our website under the ‘Lashes’ tab to view information about our Lash Coaching services we offer at the spa!

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