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Lash Lifts Alongside Eyelash Extensions

Lash Lifts and Eyelash Extensions are the top two lash services to offer in your spa!

Here are their differences and if they can be used in conjunction with each other.

What are Lash Lifts?

Lash lifts create a semi-permanent curl to your natural lashes. It is a process where a silicone rod is placed on your upper eyelid. Then we attach your lashes to the rod. We apply two different types of lotions to your lashes to set in the curl and will then tint the lashes black if you wish. When finished with your service, your lashes will be more noticeable and have a curl and darkness to them for 4-6 weeks.


What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, synthetic mink eyelashes attached to each of your individual lashes. They can create more length and fullness to your natural lashes. They are not damaging to your natural lashes if they are applied correctly. When the lashes fall off, it simply means that your lash was ready to shed and start its lash cycle over.


Can they be used together?

Lash lifts and eyelash extensions can be used in conjunction with each other. Of course, you would want to get the lash lift & tint done before the extensions. The lash lift creates a natural curl to your lashes so that the eyelash extensions can form to your lashes better (this is especially great for people with straight lashes so that they don’t stick out under the extensions).


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