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Lash Palette Setup

Quick Tip!

Hello! This lash tip is more for our lash artists that follow along, but cool for clients to know as well! Today, we are showing how we set up our lash palette to begin any lash service. This is the way we have found to be more beneficial and less time consuming during our lash services.


We have tried a lot of different ways to help speed up the process and this has been the easiest! As you can see in the picture above, we simply take out the length and thickness of lashes we are using with the client. The left side is the cover for the lashes but is great for holding your glue tray and lash brush for easy access during the service.

We like to stay very organized when doing lash extensions so this keeps everything nice and compact!


If you are interested in becoming a lash artist, we offer Lash Coaching services! Check out our website for more information on the courses and what they include!



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