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Lash Shedding- Fall Weather

With the colder weather sneaking in, we may all experience some changes in our lash extension retention.

Let us explain:

When weather is changing, especially becoming more cold, your hair (on all parts of your body) is starting to shed a little more than normal. This is a completely normal change, so don’t be alarmed if you see your extensions falling out faster than normal!

Naturally, your skin becomes more dry in the winter months. With that being said, the skin closest to the base of the lashes may become dry, causing your lashes to become malnourished. This can make your natural lashes very brittle causing them to fall out faster.

*Some people may experience a more dramatic fall lash shed than others depending on how your skin reacts with the colder weather.

Luckily, the lash shed only lasts around 3-4 weeks until your skin and lashes adjust to the weather!


PS: Make sure you are staying on top of all of your aftercare steps during this time to help avoid over shedding.


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