Discover the Magic of Lash Lift

Are you tired of the daily mascara routine and lash curlers that just don't deliver the results you desire? Look no further than our Lash Lift service, a revolutionary beauty treatment that transforms your natural lashes into stunning, eye-catching works of art.

What is Lash Lift?

Lash Lift, also known as a "lash perm," is a cutting-edge beauty treatment designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyelashes. This non-invasive procedure lifts, curls, and defines your lashes, creating a mesmerizing, wide-eyed look without the need for extensions or daily maintenance.

What is a Lash Lift and Tint?

An eyelash lift and tint combines a lash lift with eyelash tinting, enhancing your lashes with a vibrant color that complements your skin tone and hair. Our professional stylists at Organic Tan ensure a safe and gentle experience with 100% safe dyes. The process takes just 30 minutes, leaving you with lively, low-maintenance, dark lashes for up to four weeks. If you have allergies, please contact the salon before scheduling.

The Lash LIFT

  • Wake up beautifully with curled lashes. Lash list perming offers normally straight lashes that extra curl for a beautiful daily look.
  • Lasting 4-6 weeks, depending on your lash cycle. *best for longer lashes* *not suitable if have eye sensitivities*

Lash LIFT + Tint

  • Want dark lashes with your lash lift? This combo allows for a beautiful lash lift and upper eyelash tint for stunning eyes.
  • Treatment last (with proper care) typically 4-6 weeks: *best for longer lashes* *not suitable if have eye sensitivities*

How Long Does It Last?

One of the best aspects of Lash Lift is its longevity. You can enjoy the stunning results for up to 6-8 weeks, which is the natural lifespan of your eyelashes. Say goodbye to daily mascara and lash curlers, as your lashes will maintain their captivating curl effortlessly.

Why Choose Our Lash Lift Service?

Our skilled technicians are trained in the art of Lash Lift, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, using only the finest quality products to deliver exceptional results.

Lash Lift
What if my lashes did not properly curl?

This can happen. Your lashes may be resisting the lift and need to be processed a second time to take. We understand that and will work with you to accomplish that. Please note that may occur prior to booking. If this happens, contact the spa and our policy is to offer this service again to achieve the results. In the event you have to book a second lash lift due to the first one not processing, we will reserve that appointment in good faith for the time that you have reserved, all of our cancellation policies still apply**

Can I get lash extensions with a Lash Lift?

YES. It will enhance your curl dramatically, creating the MOST beautiful set of LUXE lashes.

What product do you use?

Product used: Cilsfrance .We uses Silicone molds to  hold your eyelash & process them with a unique lash setting followed by a conditioning cream.

I use a lash extending formula daily on my lashes. Can I still get the lash lift?

Yes, we will keep the solution on for 2 minutes left

My eyelashes were recently tinted. When can I be a candidate for the lash lift?

Two weeks after your tinting has been done.

Are there any side effects?

Not that we have experienced or aware of

Will I need to use an eyelash curler after the lash lift?

No, this replaces the need for the daily curler.

How long will it last?

Generally 4-6 weeks

Can I wear mascara with the lash lift?

Absolutely, yes