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Lashing a Pregnant Client

Are you a lash artist?

Have you ever had a client come in that is pregnant and can not lie on her back for a full set of lashes?

Here are our tips for making your client and yourself as comfortable as possible!

First off, it is safe to apply lash extensions on a pregnant client. The problem with lashing someone who is expecting is the fact that they have to lie on their back for 1.5-2 hours which can be very uncomfortable for your client.

Here are our favorite ways to make sure your client is not in pain:

  1. Have an inclined bed
    • This is a BIG one! Our clients say that this helps tremendously with how much pressure is on the lower back when lashing.
  2. Have lots of pillows available to help support any part of your clients body that needs it
  3. Try having the client lie on her side and turn her head straight
  4. Always ask the client how she’s feeling and what else you could do to make her more comfortable (even if its standing every 30 minutes, etc..)
  5. The clients comfort is always number one!
    • The are many instances where our lash artists have had to stand to do lashes or work from a different angle than they are used to for the clients safety and comfort.


*Each pregnant client is different so be sure to honor their specific needs when lashing* 


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