Makeup Recommended for Eyelash Extensions

Hello lash lovers!

Our biggest question from clients who get eyelash extensions is “What type of makeup can i wear?” Well, we are here to help!

Keep reading to find out a few of our favorites!


We recommend to use powder eyeshadows with eyelash extensions. Cream eyeshadow sticks tend to have oil in them which can break down the glue and cause your lashes to fall off sooner. We love THIS palette to achieve a variety of looks to compliment your extensions!



Eyeliner can be very tricky with eyelash extensions. Most eyeliners are known to “glide” right on which means they probably have oil in them. I love THIS eyeliner because it is made for sensitive eyes. It’s a kohl liner so harder to apply, but better for your extensions!



Although we do not recommend mascara for your lash extensions, a lot of our clients still like to apply it. We recommend to use it on only the tips of the lashes rather than it getting clumped in the base. THIS mascara is amazing for extensions because it is water based so it is very easy to remove.


So we know we all love the look of makeup with our extensions, but the most important tip of wearing eye makeup with extensions is cleansing! There are millions of lash extension cleansers out there but our favorite is THIS one by Revitalash! It is a residue-free, gentle cleanser for lashes, brows and lids. The unique micelles attract and draw out impurities to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and lint without leaving any film or residue. NO residue is key for your extensions!


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