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Mixed Lashes- A Combination of Classic and Volume

Have you ever thought that your classic lashes weren’t full enough or your volume lashes were just a little too dramatic?

If so, you should try our “mixed lashes”.


Mixed lashes help create a fuller look by adding some volume lashes in with the classic lashes. They are especially great for people who like the “wispy” look!

Pricing for our Mixed Lashes:

  • Full Set: $190
  • One week fill: $60
  • Two week fill: $80
  • Three week fill: $100

We also have a great membership option for our mixed lashes!

  • Enjoy two fill ins for only $140/month.
    • Other perks include: 10% off of all other services (excluding tans) & products!
    • Memberships require a 3 month requirement, then can continue on a month to month basis.


As always, if you are a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist and are wanting to expand your services, check out our lash coaching services on our website

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