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How to organize your lash supplies

Organization is essential for a successful lash career. It not only visually allows your client to see your tools and supplies in a neat and sanitary manner, it is also key to quickly find your lash needs to service more clientele.

When applying  lash extensions, you need the most practical space to store all of your supplies. Customize your kit in how you work and make sure you have what you need in reach for effective lashing.


A great, inexpensive storage case is this plastic organizer, which can be found at Hobby Lobby .This one has a lid, keeping supplies clean and dust free, as well as  customizable compartments which allows for the most practical space to store your supplies and tools. This particular case is extremely mobile, allowing you to take your lash needs on the go or move within an existing space quickly and with ease.  


An EXTRA QUICK TIP? Keep your tools in the order that you use them- that way you never forget a step in the lashing process.


What to keep in your lash drawer? A few suggestions:

-Eyelash extensions,all styles and lengths

– Medical tape

– Cleanser/primer

– Lash glue

-Lash extension remover

-Mascara wands

-Glue cups

-Tweezers and lash tools


To recap on the ideal lash case, ask yourself these questions:

1) Does this case hold all of my essential supplies?

2) Am I able to “grab and go” efficiently and with ease?

3) Are my supplies easily in reach?

Keep everything customized to your needs and what fits your client model best.

For more lash tips and coaching, learn more from me and our lash coaching sessions here.


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