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Our mission is to enhance well-being and enrich lives by embracing natural beauty and wellness care. We extend a warm welcome to our guests, providing a nurturing and compassionate environment. Through our services, we aim to cultivate serenity, balance, and a positive influence within our community.


The spa, which had originally opened its doors in the picturesque city of Greenville, SC, in 2010, had garnered a reputation for its specialization in Body Spray Tan services.


In 2023, Molly embarked on an exciting new journey as the proud owner of Organic Tan Face and Body Spa, a momentous step in her illustrious career spanning over 25 years in the spa industry. Molly's deep-rooted passion for wellness and beauty led her to this pivotal role, where she could infuse her extensive expertise and innovative vision into the salon's offerings.


Molly's passion for wellness and beauty, combined with her extensive industry experience, made her the perfect steward for this beloved spa. With her vision and dedication, she introduced an exciting array of new services, further expanding the spa's offerings while staying true to its roots in body spray tanning.

Meet the team

Molly Minckler-1565

Molly Minckler

Licensed Cosmetologist

Molly specializes in Corrective Facials. She is very passionate about both esthetics and body contouring. She is constantly seeking new ways for skin rejuvenation and staying up to date with the newest skincare technologies.

Molly can perform a variety of corrective skin treatments for all skin types and skin conditions. She wants her guests to feel relaxed and rejuvenated while she takes care of their skin.

Molly is very proficient in waxing, specifically in Brazilians and Brow shaping. She prides herself as a professional and wants you to feel confident that this experience will be pleasant. She takes her time to ensure you get the desired outcome.




Meet Brianna, a radiant esthetician hailing from the heart of Greer, SC. A true local at heart, Brianna’s journey into the world of beauty began when she graduated from Greenville Technical College in 2021. With a passion for bringing out the best in everyone she meets, she has seamlessly woven her skills into a blossoming career.

Brianna’s specialty lies in two areas she holds close to her heart: lash extensions and facials. Her dedication to the art of lash extensions shines brightly, with an impressive year of experience already under her belt. Each lash she delicately places is a testament to her attention to detail and commitment to enhancing natural beauty. And when it comes to facials, her touch is like a soothing breeze, leaving clients feeling rejuvenated and pampered.

Passion is the driving force behind Brianna’s journey, and her enthusiasm for lash extensions and facials is evident in every interaction. Her commitment to her craft goes hand in hand with her eagerness to continue learning and growing. When you choose Brianna, you’re not just choosing an esthetician – you’re choosing a friend who’s dedicated to making you look and feel your best.

Step into Brianna’s world and experience the magic of her skilled hands, her welcoming smile, and her unwavering passion for bringing out your natural beauty.




Kaitlyn, a radiant soul and skilled professional in the world of beauty. A native of Greenville, SC, Kaitlyn brings a genuine warmth to her work that reflects the heart of her hometown. With a solid foundation from graduating the Abbeville Career Center 7 years ago, she has seamlessly woven her passion into a blossoming career.

For the past 4 years, she has mastered the art of lash extensions, transforming lashes into stunning works of art that enhance natural beauty. Her commitment to excellence is matched only by her dedication. Passion is the driving force behind Kaitlyn’s journey, as she pours her heart and soul into her craft. Her enthusiasm for lash extensions and waxing is contagious, making every client’s experience not only a beauty treatment but a joyful and uplifting journey. Kaitlyn’s commitment to growth is unwavering; she embraces each day as an opportunity to learn more, staying abreast of the latest trends and techniques in the world of beauty.

With Kaitlyn, you’re not just a client – you’re a cherished canvas, a friend, and a beautiful journey she’s honored to be a part of. Step into her world and experience the magic of transformation guided by skill, warmth, and a deep love for her craft.



Virtual Assistant & Guest Services

LaToya is our amazing Virtual Assistant who ensures all guests are well taken care of from every aspect of their experience with our spa. She calls guests, makes their appointment, handles feedback, and ensures their service is made our standards.