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Premade Volume Fans Vs. Cluster Lashes

Today we are talking about the difference between premade volume fans and cluster lashes. These two types of lashes have major differences and are used for two completely different things.

To start out, Cluster Lashes are not professional lashes. They can be purchased and applied by anyone! You do not need a specific training to use the cluster lashes, only lots of practice! They are attached by glue at the bottom to hold all of the lashes together creating a “knot”.

Premade volume fans (in above picture) are a professional type of lash that requires going through intricate training as a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist. These lashes are attached by heat at the bottom and seamlessly blend together making it easier to attach to each individual lash.


Application Differences

When applying cluster lashes (see above photo), they are applied to the skin and sit on multiple lashes at one time. They are meant to stay on for only a day or so.

When applying premade volume fans, they are applied to each of your individual lashes away from the skin. They can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on your eyelash cycles.


Weight Differences

As you may know, cluster lashes can be very heavy on the natural lashes. They can have up to 10 lashes knotted together to create a really dramatic look. They can ruin your natural lashes if they are too heavy for your lashes to hold up.

Premade volume fans are multiple ultra fine lashes bonded together. They range anywhere from .05mm to .07mm in weight. This ensures that your  natural lashes can hold up this lighter weight and remain healthy.



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