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How to Prep for Eyelash Extensions & Expectations During Your Service

Are you a good candidate for lash extensions? Here are a few expectations and tidbits to help you make your next lash extension appointment a breeze.

Before considering eyelash extensions, do your research to decide if extensions are a good fit for you. If you come in with mascara on your lashes that takes time out of your appointment to remove, therefore come prepared for optimal lash time . Also, we recommend to not curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before you come in.
When you arrive at our spa, there will be a quick Eyelash Extension Form for you to fill out. This helps your technician become more knowledgeable of what you are desiring to achieve from your service.
We will then escort you to our Lash Bar to get comfortable for your service. Your lash expert will talk more in depth with you about the length and thickness of the lashes and if you would prefer a more natural look or dramatic look.

Beginning the service:

First, we will have you look up at the ceiling so that we can tape down your bottom lashes. This is an important step to avoid applying lash extensions to your bottom lashes.

 Priming Solution will be applied to any oil and debris off of your lashes.

After drying the lashes well, your lashing procedure will begin. The procedure is painless. We use tweezers to apply each extension to each of your lashes using a medical grade eyelash extension glue.

 At the end of your service you will receive an aftercare card with all of the after care tips on it. They will also be explained to you by your technician.

We look forward to your next experience at our spa a pleasant one, giving your lashes an extra boost of radiance. Thank you!

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