Organic Tan Face and Body

Spray Tan Preparation and After Care


                      Spray Tan Preparation PRIOR to your airbrush glo

-Take a shower,shave and lightly exfoliate the day BEFORE your tanning session [exfoliating gloves are the best to use-please do not use any oils]

TIP: If you have dry skin, especially around your knees, elbows, heels, armpits, please exfoliate and moisturize heavily with an oil-free moisturizer 2-3 days before your airbrush tanning service. Otherwise, your tan can appear patchy, dark in areas, uneven and streaky. This is due to improper airbrush tanning preparation.

Note: We do not airbrush over sunburned skin or peels. Our experience over the years, along with our manufacturers recommendation is to spray only over healthy, lightly exfoliated skin. Please use the proper SPF while in the sun to prevent this. Thank you for trusting us and our airbrush expertise!

-Remove any lotions or oils prior to your session as it will create a barrier for the tan

-Arrive at your session without make-up, jewelry removed & hair pulled back, deodorant taken off

-The tanning solution contains a bronzer, so be advised to wear dark colored loose clothing after session

-Sandals or  flip-flops are best  to wear out {unless raining, then wear covered shoes. Flip flops or sandals must be worn inside the airbrush rooms at all times until you step on the the towel for your tan. Otherwise, the bottom of your feet will get bronzer on them and stain the bottom. This is also listed on the back of our airbrush rooms doors. We offer “sticky feet” if preferred-just ask your Airbrush Technician. 

-Please have your tanning attire on underneath your clothes & ready to go

-Most women airbrush tan topless & in a thong OR a strapless bra & underwear. Men may wear boxers, briefs or swim wear.

-If you are currently breast feeding, adhesive nursing pads or a strapless bra must be worn. We recommend our Accelerated tan when breastfeeding to be able to wash the bronzer off within hours.

– We also offer nursing pads for coverage if desired to place over breasts

TIP: If your tan is building up, please allow extra days for the residue to be pulled off and fresh skin regenerated. Fresh sprays produce the best results.



MEN may wear boxers, briefs, or swimming trunks.

-Results are best achieved if you wait to shower 8-12 hours after your tanning session, preferably keep your tan on overnight

-If your tan has started to break down, please exfoliate thoroughly before your next session.  Use lathered exfoliating gloves to take off the leftover tan in a circular motion.

PLEASE be prompt for your appointment. As sessions are every 20 minutes to keep cost low, if you are more than five minutes late, you will need to reschedule.


-We do not recommend an umbrella, bring a covered parka with sleeves and hoodie to fully cover your airbrush.

-Be covered head to toe! Please wear long loose dark pants, a long sleeve loose covered top, covered shoes and hoodie preferably.

-If you have very light colored or leather seats, we recommend wearing longer pants or bringing a small towel to prevent the bronzer from possibly rubbing onto seats.


Signature Airbrush  Spray Tan After Care:

  1. Wait at least 12 hours before showering and avoid any water before then [ex. washing hands, sweat and rain].
  2. Use only a pH balancing cleanser to wash with [try our Norvell Body Cleanser].
  3. Make sure your skin products do NOT have mineral oil.
  4. Avoid scrubbing in the shower, pat dry with your towel and moisturize everyday [try our body butter or prolong tan extending lotion].

Accelerated Airbrush Spray Tan After Care:

  1. It is VERY important to rinse this tan with water ONLY in the recommended time to achieve your desired color and do not exceed 4 hours. [2 hours for light, 3 hours for medium, and 4 hours for dark]
  2. Be sure to rinse all of the bronzer off [gently pull the bronzer off with your hands in the shower] to allow the tan to develop evenly.
  3. You will look lighter after the shower but your tan will develop over the next 8-12 hours.
  4. Once your tan is completely developed you should follow the aftercare steps 2-4 from above.