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How to remove eyelash extensions

How to remove eyelash extensions

For the Client:

If it is ever needed for you to remove your eyelash extensions, please see a licensed professional. Eyelash extensions are glued to your natural lashes, so if you try to remove them yourself you could harm your natural lashes.


For the Professional:

When removing eyelash extensions, it is critical to make sure the client keeps her eyes closed the entire time. The gel used to remove eyelash extensions is very strong, as it is breaking down the glue.


>Tape down the client’s bottom lashes, the same as when applying the lashes.

>Apply a generous amount of the eyelash extension glue remover to the base of the lashes,let the remover set for 2-3 minutes.

>Throughout this process constantly asking your client if she feels any discomfort to be certain the remover is not running into her eyes. Have tissues handy at all times in case needed.

>Take a small applicator and gently go in between each of the lashes to remove them. Repeat this process as many times as it takes to make sure every lash and all glue is removed.

Tip: If you let the remover sit long enough, they should come off very easily

>Rinse the lashes to make sure all of the remover is off of the lashes so that when the client opens their eyes there is no discomfort. Apply a small amount of water on a cotton tip applicator and gently rub the lashes.


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