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Removing Makeup With Eyelash Extensions

One of our most asked questions when clients get lash extensions is how to remove makeup with eyelash extensions.

We have found that this way makes it so easy and does not harm the extensions! Keep reading to find out our recommendations!



First things first: NEVER apply an oil based product around the eye area when applying makeup. Be sure that your eyeliner and mascara (if you choose to wear it) is oil free.


When removing your eye makeup, it is important to not tug on the lash extensions. We recommend using a fluffy eyeshadow crease brush to lather your lashes with when removing makeup. THIS is our favorite!


We love to use the above brush with our Revitalash Micellar Cleansing Water. This formula is 100% safe for extensions because of the no residue feeling after washing. This can be used to remove ALL traces of makeup around the eye area.


Let us know if you try out these products! We love interacting and hearing feedback from our wonderful clients!


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