Organic Tan Face and Body

Online Scheduling Tips/GIFT CERTIFICATES

Gift Certificates:

Treat your loved to Wellness and Beauty all year round. Purchase your Gift Certificate easily On-line with these steps:

  • Select the Book Now Option On our Website organictansc.com
  • Select the “ON-LINE STORE” option
  • Select the “GIFT CERTIFICATE” option (3rd tab over).
  • Enter Gift Amount
  • Fill in the Recipient’s Information, personal message and decorative template you desire
  • Select “Make Purchase”
  • Select “Check Out” and either Print or e-mail your loved one

Online Scheduling Tips:

  • Click ~Here~ To Schedule {Also NOTE the MINDBODY connect APP is ideal for those using a SMARTPHONE }
  • Keep ALL days checked
  • Select the exact date beside the “select a date range”
  • Keep time range open to “Anytime”
  • Select the “Book” option beside the Technician you prefer and time slot available
  • Create an account in “NEW TO OUR SITE?” option to book OR use your username & password to log-in in “BEEN HERE BEFORE?” option
  • Rescheduling  & Cancel tips:
  • Cancels allowed 48 hours prior to appt. to avoid a full-price serivce cancellation charge. We have a .01 non-refundable deposit to hold appointments
  • A valid credit card is required for all reservations
  • If your tan is not satisfactory, we will do a complimentary corrective tan within a 24-hour time frame.
  • To Cancel OR Reschedule an appt:  click ~HERE~ [Cancels & Reschedules go through the MindBody site]
  • Log in with your username & password under “BEEN HERE BEFORE”. We do NOT have access to these.
  • Select the “MY INFO” tab.  & “MY SCHEDULE” option. Select the Appt.  you would like to Cancel OR Reschedule to the desired time you would like or Cancel it in General.
New! YOUR Wellness Hour: Stretch, Massage & Reflexology session💆


Our unique spin on the ultimate HOUR of WELLNESS for you.

Experience Relaxation and wellness with this triple combo of Stretch Therapy (15 min), Massage (15 min) and Reflexology (15 min). The additional five minutes will be a combination of a thorough consultation with your LMT to address your needs or extend one of the three services above.