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SIX potential reasons your lash extensions are not lasting longer

SIX potential reasons your lash extensions are not lasting longer


With  lash extensions, it is recommend to have a fill in every 2 weeks to help keep them as full and beautiful as they can be. With that being said, here are some specific factors that could make your lashes fall out faster:


1 Oil– Oil breaks down the eyelash extension glue causing them to fall off faster. When having eyelash extensions, you need to use ALL oil free makeup and skincare.

2 Rubbing or Pulling– This one speaks for itself. If you are pulling your eyelashes out then they are highly likely to come out. It also goes back to #1. Your hands have all types of natural oils on them so rubbing and pulling can also break down the glue. If they do get uncomfortable for you, please contact your lash artist to have them removed.

3 The Face Down Pillow Sleeper– When you get lash extensions it is recommended to sleep on your back. If sleeping on your side or face down it can cause a crimp in the lashes or “smoosh” the lashes. If you are sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, your lashes can get stuck on it and pull while you are sleeping. A silk pillowcase is always recommended.

4 Heat– Any type of heat can cause the lashes to either fall out or straighten out. Think of it as a straightener for your hair…you use heat to get out all the curl in your hair and that is exactly what happens with your lashes. Avoid any steamy showers, saunas, or any abundance of heat. Heat can also loosen the glue bond with your lashes.

5 Wearing mascara– The lash extensions we apply are black so there is no need for mascara. If you wear any mascara, make sure it is oil free and cleanse your lashes thoroughly every night to remove the mascara completely .  A great tip is to mix two parts water, one part baby shampoo and spray it lightly over the extensions. Our particular spa has cleansers formulated for the extensions if you are interested.

6 Getting them wet too soon– It is recommended after your full set or fill in to not get the extensions wet for at least 24 hours. This is to make sure that the glue is cured correctly and completely dry. If you do get them wet before the 24 hour mark, there is a high chance that your lashes could come out in abundance.


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