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Sleeping With Eyelash Extensions

Sleeping with eyelash extensions can get a bit tricky until you get used to your lashes.

Here’s our tips for a perfect nights sleep and waking up with your lashes still in tact!




  1. Always go to bed with clean lashes! Leaving makeup on your lashes can cause them to get infected, clump together and eventually fall out.
  2. Do not sleep face down on your pillow. Always sleep on your side or on your back. If sleeping on your side, you may experience more lash loss on that side so sleeping on your back is recommended.
  3. Sleep with a silk pillowcase. Cotton can be very harsh on hair and can create friction to where it may cause breakage in your lashes.


Let’s keep those lashes looking perfect!


If interested in learning how to apply lash extensions, check out our Lash Coaching page on our website!

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