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Spring into Summer with these helpful Skin & Beauty Tips!


Estheticians are like personal trainers for your skin! They know how to properly achieve at home skin care results with recommended regimens and receive professional treatments that are determined for your skin type and concerns. The basics of skincare we know are to follow; 1. Cleanse, 2. Exfoliate, 3. Moisturize, 4. Sunscreen.

Sometimes we get caught up in the ebbs and flows of daily life we don’t think about the importance of other activities that can help achieve beautiful youthful skin! Here are 7 steps to Healthy Skin you can indulge in over this Spring & Summer. 

1. Drink 8 glasses of water daily
2 .Eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetable
3. Sleep 8 hours per night
4. Exercise 3 times a week
5 .Reduce your daily stress
6. Use proper sun blockers
7. Practice facial exercises 3 times per week (ex: lift folds around nose, tighten a sagging neck, smooth out forehead, work muscles around mouth)

little barn apothecary


Keep your skin hydrated this Spring & Summer with our Favorite “Little Barn Apothecary Honeysuckle & Grapefruit Body Oil”. Their products are hand batched, made with natural and organic ingredients and did i mention cruelty free!

This luxurious daily moisturizer crafted with skin perfecting oils for intense moisturize and a glistening youthful glow is this years must have product. It is so addictive and makes your skin buttery smooth leaving a light indulgent journey through fields of white sun drenched blossoms, lightly kissed by delicate pink citrus.This non greasy formula quickly absorbs and is formulated for all skin types.


Favorite Spring 2019 Nail Colors

 This season in particular has brought in a batch of new colors, why not put the trends to the test!

Top 5 :Color Trends For This Spring:nails in greenville
1. Icy Blues – great pairing with monochromatic looks for a unique take on a spring shade. 2. Dusty Greens – this shade has been popping up everywhere this season.
3. Light Golds – If you’re skeptical about this shade give this a try. It has lighter yellow tones, and provides a fun pop to the rest of your spring look.
4. Elegant Neutral – A good neutral will never go out of style, but their surprisingly hard to find. 
5. Stormy Grays – The blue undertones create a cooler look that will complement a range of skin tones and outfit choices. This is a easy way to step outside your comfort zone.


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