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Spring is in the Air

Brazilian Waxing Membership

This warm weather has us excited for summertime!
We are ready to relax on the beach with our sunglasses on and a good book in our hands.

Now is the perfect time to start your brazilian wax schedule, so that you are hair free come bikini season!

The Membership
$55 per month for one brazilian wax

Other benefits:
10% off other services and products {excludes tanning}
$25 brazilian touch ups

{minimum of 3 months required}

Waxing Q & A

Q: How long should I not shave before the appointment?
A: At least 10 days.

Q: How long do I wait in between waxes?
A: 3-6 weeks for the full brazilan, we know it’s hard to wait that long in the summertime, so we offer a $25 touch up for the in between time.

Q: When should I start the “waxing schedule?”
A: You want to start in the winter so that each month the hair is becoming more thin and sparse, making it easier to maintain in the summer months.

Q: How do I prepare for my session?
A: Exfoliate and moisturize the area for several days prior to your appointment. Drink lots of water to hydrate from the inside out.

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