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Are you taking pictures for your social media? 5 Tips & Tricks from a Lash Coach


Are you taking pictures for your social media? 5 Tips & Tricks from a Lash Coach


So, you just finished applying a stunning full set of lashes and the picture you take does not do your set justice.  Here are 5 TOP tips for getting the perfect shot from  professional Greenville SC lash coach, Chandler Barrett:


1- Lighting is KEY

Lighting helps with everything including: brightening the client’s skin, enhancing the lashes, and also helps with the editing process because you won’t have to do as much editing. Two favorite apps? Facetune  for editing and Layout for collages.


2- Camera angles

Find the camera angles that best flatter the lashes you applied. Yes, you may have to take an overload of pictures to get that one showcasing shot, but it is better to have options. Best angle I have found? Taking lash pictures from the side gives just the right “curl” and volume look. 


3- Backgrounds

Always check your surroundings when getting that perfect shot. You would not want to have an amazing lash picture but it be taken away by the odd object in the background. A clean background is always what I strive for.


4- No flash

Never take your pictures with a flash. The flash can cause a white cast and take the color away from the photo. Always turn to natural lighting over using the flash.


5- Be unique

Create new ways to style your lash extension photos. Setting yourself apart from others is the best marketing tool you can have.  Be creative…get your own #hashtag and let your clients snap away! Having your client’s on-board and being your biggest fan are golden keys to success.


If you are still needing help with perfecting the lash extension skill, please take a look at the Lash Coaching tab on our website. 

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