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How to Wear Mascara with Eyelash Extensions

Should you wear mascara with lash extensions? Our lash experts are here to help

Here is what we recommend!


Eyelash Extensions are a black, curled extension applied to your natural lashes. The blackness and curl mimic the look of mascara without actually having to apply it. It is recommended to not wear mascara with your eyelash extensions (The above picture has no mascara).


However, if you do choose to wear mascara with your eyelash extensions, select a product that is water-based. Oil- based formulas are suggested to NOT be worn as it will loosen the glue bond between the extension and your natural lashes.

Waterproof mascara is also NOT recommended. When applied, it is very thick and hard to get off. It can ruin your eyelash extensions because of how hard you have to scrub to remove it. 

If using mascara, use an oil-free eye makeup remover to remove all mascara. It prevents build up from occurring and allows for a more effective lash session. 

If using a water-based mascara, apply the mascara  to the tips of your lashes only, not the base. It is much harder to get off of the base than the tips.  It can cause your lashes to fall out if there becomes too much build up. 

A quick recap is below:

  • Use a water-based mascara
  • Do not use water-proof mascara
  • Use an oil-free remover
  • Apply mascara to tips of lashes only (water-based mascara)

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We recommend this mascara from Revitalash. It is water-based and lasts all day! This product is available for purchase at the spa:

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