Why Your Lash Lift Didn’t Work

Are you a professional in the field of esthetics and offer Lash Lifts as a service? Have your Lash Lifts not been turning out as well as you’d hoped?

Here are a few things to take into consideration when performing a Lash Lift!


What is a Lash Lift? A Lash Lift is a semi-permanent curl to your upper lashes. It lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks! Unlike extensions, it does not add any length or volume to your natural lashes. We can apply a tint if you wish to help darken the natural lashes (see above picture) to make them more noticeable!


Sometimes the lash lift won’t take well on some eye shapes or lashes. Here are a few reasons why and how to fix the problem!

  1. Lash Condition
    • Whether your clients lashes are brittle and short or long and thick, you have to take that into consideration when applying the solutions and how long you leave the solutions on. For shorter brittle lashes, you want to leave the solutions on for a shorter amount of time (10-12min) where as with the longer and thicker lashes you want to leave on longer (15-18min).
  2. Placement of Solution
    • When applying lash perm solution 1 and 2, you need to make sure that you apply it only at the base of the lashes. The perming solution is a strong solution and can cause “fringing” of the lashes if applied too high up to the tips.
  3. Adhesive
    • Applying lashes to the mold with too much glue can create a barrier for the perm solutions and cause it not to take on the lashes.

We hope this helps with improving your lash lifts for your clients! This is a great, popular service that, when done correctly, can really transform the eye!


Are you a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist?

Have you been interested in learning how to do lash extensions? Visit our website under the ‘Lashes’ tab to view information about our Lash Coaching services we offer at the spa!


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